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Why We Give


Creating a Future Together

NEW: Legacy IRA Act becomes Law
NEW for 2024: Higher ACGA rates could mean more income for you.


You can perpetuate your lifelong values while achieving your personal and philanthropic goals. There are many ways in which you can care for family members, receive financial benefits, and use the assets you have accumulated over a lifetime to make your dreams a reality. 

Thoughtful planning allows you to achieve charitable aspirations you may never have imagined possible. Whether you want to memorialize loved ones, minimize tax obligations, or simply find a way to support the areas of Columbia you care about the most, planned gifts encompass a variety of giving structures that can be tailored to ensure your values endure and inspire for generations to come.

Columbia’s Office of Gift Planning serves donors to all schools and programs at Columbia. In collaboration with you, and in consultation with your legal or financial advisor, our gift planning experts can help you plan, provide, and preserve an enduring future.